Dogs I photograph have their own gallery

Dogs means a lot to owners and is also

a very dear friend and means a lot to people.

Many dog owners wants a wonderful

portrait of their own dog, and that's

why I love to take outdoor portraits 

in the nature ,like in the forests,

of their dog and to make the owners happy.

This keeps me learning and improving!

I'm also practicing dog photography

in action like running dogs

and dogs doing tricks!

Action is also a part of this and it keeps

me always smiling and motivated

to photograph outside and to be with dogs,

but sometimes it goes not how you want it.

I always say "You always learn from mistakes".

I decided to give the dogs from my photoshoots their own gallery on my website.

Feel free to see them in one of the galleries of them!

┬ęThymen van Schaik

2017 - 2021